Empire State K9 Services Courses

FAMILY DOG - includes

House Breaking – Customizing when and where to eliminate.

Household Mannerisms – Correct and prevent problems like chewing,  jumping,  digging,  excessive barking and other unwanted behaviors in the house.

Controlled Obedience – Flawless training in basic commands such as the Heel command (no more pulling on the leash or bolting!), the solid Down-Stay, and the basic recall in and around the house. (In public off-leash recall is part of our Family Dog Plus course.) Commands are all practiced and performed in public places with high levels of distractions.

Aggression Management – When to alarm and when to stop: prevents biting, fighting, over aggressiveness and all dangerous issues towards people & dogs.

Behavior Modification – We solve Canine Behavioral problems relating to  Fearfulness, Phobias, & Anxieties.

PRICE: $3,500-$5,500 (Price is determined by age, size, breed and risk level.)

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FAMILY DOG Plus (Off-Leash Training) - includes

Follows the completion of Family Dog Package. The ULTIMATE Package for your family dog for full off leash control!

Off leash control of your pet anywhere, any time, near any distractions including silent hand commands. Owners and dogs must both be evaluated for this award winning course.

This course precedes any professional use, such as:

  • Hunting • Guard Work • Camping • Retrieval Work • Boating • Traveling • Herding • Tracking
  • Service/Therapy/ESA Work

PRICE $5,500-$8,500 (Price is determined by age, size, breed and risk level.) (Note: Price includes Family Dog Package & Family Dog Plus Package.)

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FAMILY DOG Advanced (Service Animal)

Follows the completion of Family Dog and Family Dog Plus Package If you’re looking for your pet to provide medical alert or medical assistance to you or a family member, look no further! This course emphasizes training your dog to perform  any specific commands, tasks, and behaviors you need.

PRICE $8,500.00 & up (Price is determined by the specific tasks you’re wanting your pet to provide, as well as age, size, breed.) (Price includes Family Dog, Family Dog Plus, & Family Dog Advanced Courses.)