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Best Dog Training Weston, CT

We Train Dogs of All Breeds and ALL Ages.

Are you looking for the best and affordable dog training in Weston, CT? Would you like to strengthen your bond with your canine friend? Have you thought of improving your dog’s behavior in public spaces? Then, engage the best dog trainer Weston, CT has to offer and establish positive dog behavior. Modify unwanted behavior and reward good behavior- this is the goal of our dog trainers. When your pet’s behavior is confusing to you, we are ready to help. Our AWARD-WINNING dog training will result in the development of trust and loyalty between you and your dog. Your dog will relax at your feet, respond to your call, and greet your guests politely.

Puppy Training Classes Weston, CT- Mold your pup to be the best family dog

Do you have a cute furry puppy? Do you want this four-legged friend to be a harmonious part of your family? We are a professional Weston, CT puppy training offering dog and puppy training for your furry friends. We are a professional professional Weston, CT dog trainers know the right way of shaping up your pup’s behavior. With your puppy part of our training classes, you will own a highly obedient dog that every pet owner desires.

In the first course, our advanced-level training will teach your pup the basic commands as well as correct unwanted behaviors, like-

  • Heel
  • Down-Stay
  • Come
  • House Manners
  • Potty training
  • Aggression Management
  • Separation Anxiety

Our dog & puppy training in Weston, CT provides personalized, individual private classes for you & your pets

Does your pet need personalized sessions to correct behavioral issues & establish basic obedience? Our one-on-one dog & puppy training in Weston, CT focuses on particular issues and needs of your pet.

Affordable dog training- Your pet will be under your control

Our training program will bring change to undesirable behaviors of unruly dogs-

  • Barking
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Bolting through your doors
  • Chewing
  • Jumping
  • Digging
  • Aggression while encountering other dogs or people

Handle your canine companion without any hassle

Now, get in touch with us to brush up on your pet’s behavior with our puppy training. With a passion and love for these canine creatures, our experienced dog trainers in Weston, CT provide problem-focused, tailored training solutions. We address your dog’s issues and ensure that your pet will be safe in our hands. Our training programs are full of fun, and your dog will easily adapt to our environment. As we have 38 years of learning the dog’s language, our Weston, CT dog trainer manages canines of any age and species. Moreover, you may collaborate with us to identify canine signals, gesture commands, communication, and training techniques. All pet owners who have been part of our dog & puppy training classes in Weston, CT have excellent reviews to talk about our training methods and the results achieved.