Dog Training CT
Dog Training CT

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We Understand Canine Behaviors- Form A Positive Relationship with A Well-Trained Dog

Does your dog have phobias, fears, shyness, neurotic behaviors, aggressive attitude, and/or other complicated problems? Your pet needs proper training to modify its behavior and body language. At Empire State K9, we are a team of canine behavior consultants and dog trainers to provide the best dog training CT has to offer.

We know that you adore your furry canine pets. Still, why should you consider dog training in Connecticut?

  • Better control
  • A stronger relationship with you
  • Physical communication and mental stimulation
  • Create a safer environment
  • Learn social skills and manners
  • Be obedient to your instructions

Our dog obedience training in CT starts with knowing your pets and understanding their general attitudes. We found that communication is the most important factor to strengthen your relationship with your dog. As we engage with your dog, we will develop a cooperative partnership that builds confidence in your dog.

We like to know how your dog reacts to a particular event. So, based on your pet’s emotional response, our CT dog behaviorist will apply desensitization and counter-conditioning. Our aim is to make your dog feel calm, safe, and comfortable. In fact, our training will reshape the lifestyle of your dogs and turn them into highly disciplined members of your family. Moreover, our on-leash and off-leash training will solve any behavioral issues of your pets.

Dog Training CT- Train your dogs to protect your property

You may like your faithful pet to protect your home and business. We apply the right techniques to train personal protection dogs. Our trainers will teach your pet how to subdue and apprehend intruders in your house. So, when you feel a threat and make a verbal command, your dog will do its best to protect you. Sometimes, business officials, professional athletes, and government agents also need these protection dogs. Thus, let our dog trainer train your canine pet to protect you from all risks.

Our well-trained dogs will turn out to be assets to you, as they can sense danger better than human beings.

Puppies with mouthing and biting habits? Get them trained

We redirect your pup in a way that suppresses its biting habits. Our dog training facility has a low-distraction zone that lets your puppies stay calm. Our puppy training will easily rectify these negative behaviors. With specialized puppy training CT and continuous supervision, we modify your dog’s behavior.

Now, you can hire our dog trainers, as we have a love for canine citizens. With a deep understanding of the dog’s behavior, our canine behaviorists and dog trainers will give you an ultimate solution and an ultimate family dog.